Special features of ICU :

  • NABH accreditation
  • Clean, hygienic, separate cabins with strict infection control protocols
  • Audits to monitor Quality control
  • High number of specialist and well trained doctors round the clock
  • Nursing ratio 1:2, well trained and dedicated nurses
  • One family member allowed to be with the patient most of the time
  • Well equipped cardiac ambulance service for transport of critically ill, with accompanying doctor and nurse
  • Most important is Humanistic and gentle care

Prone position ventilation: A highly skilled coordinated manoeuvre by ICU staff for ARDS patients

ICU team attending to an emergency patient

Great role played by the nursing and support staff in ICU patients : early mobilisation, change in position and prone position ventilation

Critical Care - state of the art, yet removing the barriers of revolving glass door

Dept. of Critical Care Medicine, Ruby Hall Clinic - Faculty Members


Designation Name Qualification Years of experience in critical care Special interests
HOD, Founder Director Dr. Prachee Sathe MD, FRCP, FCCCM 26 Sepsis and Innovative therapies , ICU quality, Clinical research, Patient family communication, Perioperative management in critically ill
Senior consultant incharge ICU Dr. Tanima Baronia MD, IDCCM 17 Advanced Airway management, pain management in ICU
Senior consultant incharge ICU Dr. Sanmay Chaudhary DNB, FCCP, IDCCM 17 Quality, teaching, early mobilisation in ICU, ICU transport
Senior consultant Dr. Sharad Yadav 12 Respiratory and renal critical care
Senior consultant Dr. Sandhya Zambare MD, FCCCM, IDCCM 7 Teaching, Patient counselling
Junior consultant Dr. Prashant Sakhvalkar MD, IDCCM 5 Sepais, research, teaching
Junior consultant Dr. Tatyarao Jadhav MD, IDCCM 7 Echo, USG in ICU