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Come, join us... to learn... and get transformed into a confident critical care professional!

Dept. of Critical Care Medicine at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune is very active and known for it's academic programmes and rigorous training for students who choose their career in critical care or would like to work in ICU for experience as a rotational posting.

The ICU has been accredited by :

  • National Board of Examinations for FNB Critical Care Medicine
  • Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine for IDCCM as well as Fellowship
  • College of Critical Care Medicine under Critical Care Education Foundation for FCCCM , which is also accredited by IBMS (International Board of Medicine and Surgery)
  • Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

Ruby Criticon 2017

Ruby Criticon 2017RubyCriticon 2017 : "Going beyond the end of the Road" - Workshops & CME 23rd & 24th September, 2017 at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

Students from all over India choose this destination for the quality of experience in multi disciplinary Critical Care Medicine. Regular research projects and quality improvement programmes offer multiple opportunities to students to prove themselves.

List of FNB students

Name of the Candidate Year of Joining
Dr. Sreenivas Kumar 2003 - ICU
Dr. Minish Mehta 2004 - ICU
Dr. Ramsay D'Souza 2009 - ICU
Dr. Anita Mohanty 2009 - ICU
Dr. Urvil Patwa 2012 - ICU
Dr. Prashant Sakhavalkar 2013 - ICU
Dr. Prashant Ubhale 2013 - NTU
Dr. Manish Kumar 2014 - ICU
Dr. Sandesh Kumar 2014 - ICU
Dr. Sagar M. S. 2015 - ICU

List of Alumni who trained and qualified successfully from our ICU!

Dr. Sandhya Zambare
Dr. Dipesh Phatania
Dr. Shounak Swaminarayan
Dr. Pushprajgiri Shankaracharya
Dr. Vinay Phad
Dr. Kandarp Pandya
Dr. Siddhika Jaiswal
Dr. Mayur Patodiya
Dr. Nihar Patel
Dr. Arvinder Raina
Dr. Nitin Patil
Dr. Shraddha Patharkar
Dr. Sagar Ganjale
Dr. Sreenivas
Dr. Minish Mehta
Dr. Ramsy D’Souza
Dr Urvil Patva
Dr. Prashant Sakhvalkar
Dr. Manish Kumar
Dr. Sandesh Kumar
Dr. Sagar M. S.

Alumni - 1

Letter which tells about my experience in ICU, RHC

I am Dr Satyam Shah. I joined ICU, RHC under Dr Prachee Sathe mam in the month of march, 2013.Before this period I never worked in any ICU.Initially I didn’t know much about how to manage critically ill patients effectively, not even simple parameters. Here in this ICU, during my 2 yrs tenure , I learned how to manage any patients when he admitted in ICU critically ill, importance of taking proper history, do appropriate physical and general examination and according to vitals also narrow down your differential diagnosis and start treatment accordingly and efficiently within golden hours. Here I also learned various emergency procedure like Central line, Arterial Line, Endotracheal Intubation, Dialysis Lumen insertion, ICD insertion, Thoracocentesis, ascetic tapping, Lumber puncture and so many which I never did before. I got tremendous exposure to variety of patients in ICU.I got the skills from Dr Prachee Sathe , how to take round, what important parameters you have to look in various critically ill patients within limited time period of day with perfection. I am blessed to have regular academic lectures here in ICU by our respected teachers like Dr Prachee Sathe, Dr Shilpa Kulkarni, Dr Tanima Baronia, Dr Sanmay Choudhry regularly once or twice per week which includes active management of various disease with recent guidelines. I really appreciate the co operation of my seniors and colleagues who helped me lot in any crucial situation either professionally or personally. Thank you so much Dr Sharad Yadav, Dr Arvinder, Dr Prashant, Dr Deepali, Dr Sandesh, Dr Manish ,Dr Vinay, Dr Sandhya for helping me. I also felt amazing seeing my juniors working very hard with tremendous efficiency even in too much work load. All these can happen only because of healthy and warm atmosphere in ICU. These 2 years changed my life a lot, like I gained ample amount of academic knowledge and tremendous exposure of versatile patients to put my academic knowledge into practical approach and eventually to be an efficient Intensivist.

At Last, I would like to refer my future juniors also to be the part of RHC ICU team under Dr Prachee Sathe for their academic career and Also I am going to assure them that it would be the best platform for every doctors to work dedicatedly and effectively in the management of critical patients.

I never like to leave this institute but sometimes due to some personal and professional reasons, someone has to take hard decision which I did.I am going to miss this facility forever.

Thank you
Yours Sincerely
Dr. Satyam Shah
6th March, 2015


Alumni - 2

Dr Narendra Fiske
Years 2014-15 & 2016-17

At present working as
ICU director,
Aastha Hospital, Jalna Maharashtra

Myself Dr Narendra Fiske is basically from a village of Buldana district, Maharashtra. I joined ICU Ruby Hall Clinic Pune for IDCCM. Before joining I was little reluctant, As I completed my UG & PG from Government institute, I was thinking that, only affluent society patients would come to this ICU. But I was wrong, Ruby ICU is full of patient, I had seen every type of patient here, I had seen that miracles happened..... but only if you followed the simple principle of madam that "just think that your dear one is laying on bed and not patient." Then one will give best for patient and miracle happened... madam taught us the same by her behaviour.. her dedication for work, love for ICU & ICU team, It was inspiring for newcomers like me. I heard from senior sisters of ICU, how she worked hard for establishing ICU, is really inspiring for everyone.
The most useful thing was that you would get a chance to discuss each case with Dr Prachee Sathe madam and Dr Shilpa Kulkarni madam during morning and evening round informing respectively, it wasn't lesser than a favourite feast for me. Obviously it wasn't easy task, because you have to make treatment plan for patient and justify it during discussion but it gives a lot of confidence and I came to know no of things which were not written in books and which were beyond the guidelines....
It was really a pleasant experience to work under your guidance. Madam I will assure I will try my best to follow your most important lesson that Be a good human being first, than things will take place....
I will like to thanks once again to Dr Prachee Sathe madam, Dr Shilpa Kulkarni madam and Dr Tanima madam for everything they did for me.